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Gertrude's Wins Best of Hawaii West Award for Best Live Music Venue!

The sound of music floating on the tropical breeze down Ali'i Drive can be tracked back to an excellent Jazz Bar, overlooking Kailua Bay. Each night this club brings talented musicians from a variety of genres and backgrounds together to play music, entertain and inspire locals and visitors alike. Gertrude's Jazz Bar was recently honored with an award for being the Best Live Music Venue in the 2018 Best of Hawaii West Awards. Gertrude's is thrilled to bring live music, dance and art to downtown Kona each night.

Gertrude's provides one of the only venues in all of Hawaii that keeps a purely live music focus, allowing no drum machines or other synthetic sampling in our line up. This jazzy little bar is a unique venue where musicians can come together to play music and live collaboration is encouraged. So come on down and hear the best live music in Kona!

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