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April 2021 Featured Artist

Brandon Reis is a fine art and portrait photographer living on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

Whether it’s molding a custom frame to hold a beautiful painting, sorting through a bag of freshly roasted beans to make the perfect cup of coffee, or pressing down on the shutter button of his camera to capture a unique moment in time - there is an indescribable sense of connection Brandon feels in working with his hands. It is the closest he can come to his creative process - from idea to delivery.

He first began experimenting with film and digital photography as a young teenager, which quickly became his passion and obsession. Over the last 18 years, that obsession has progressed to become his career - and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brandon's training encompasses a full spectrum of basic and advanced photography scenarios and techniques, which include portraiture, food, wedding & engagement, travel, editorial, and lifestyle - both in the studio and on location. He works with both film and digital mediums, developing, scanning, and printing his own work by hand as well.

He hopes that his work brings with it feelings of inspiration, joy, and wonder.

Visit Brandon's Website

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