Gipsy Nation A La Gipsy Kings by Gyorgy Lakatos

Updated: Nov 3

At Gertrude's Jazz Bar in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

(The November 2022 show has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience. Keep your eye out for a show in early 2023.)

Gipsy Nation A LA Gipsy Kings played everything from Gipsy Kings including songs “Rumba Gitano” “Bamboleo” and all their hits.

Gyorgy lakatos solo guitar is a gypsy and Latin music group from the South of France. They revisit in their own way Latin music and traditional gypsy music. Their universe, like their origin, is open, and festive, and colorful, resonating like an invitation to travel and dance—a mix between modernity and tradition, universal music to bridge cultures and generations.

This energy. This emotion ... If traditional gypsy and flamenco music remain their inking point, each member of the group brings his vision and his sensitivity. Which probably explains the universal side of their compositions: gypsy, flamenco, pop, rock, bluesy.

In 2019 Lakatos Guitar king took over the band, now they travel around the world as a Gipsy Nation A La Gipsy Kings.

Lakatos received the 2019 golden hand award for the best guitarist in Europe. He also received the 2017 fastest guitar player in the world honor.

“World Music” is often a meaningless catch-all phrase, a marketing shortcut, but as one of the acts that first helped define the phrase, Gipsy Nation A LA Gipsy Kings will play the music that really does cross all borders. From the beginning all the way through SAVOR FLAMENCO, their sound has reflected the constant travel and diverse influences of the gypsy heritage. Gipsy Nation A LA Gipsy Kings will play everything from Gipsy Kings from their 1987 debut album, songs spanning from “Rumba Gitano” and “Bamboleo” and every hit in the Gipsy Kings Catalog.

"We are all Musicians," Gyorgy says. When asked about his music he has only one thing to say. "It's the air that I breathe, without it, I can't exist."

If you haven't experienced his music, then come on out and bask in his glorious melodies and join the trance of the GYPSY HEART.