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October 2021 Featured Artist

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hawaii Artist Lex Petroff is our Featured Artist for October.

Lex Petroff is a tattooer and printmaker from Northern California. When she moved to the Big Island of Hawaii she brought her love for natural landscapes, the flora and fauna that inhabit them and the human condition. Her artwork focuses around these themes often incorporating multiple mediums like watercolor, relief printing, illustration and photographic processes.

This particular series of artwork is focused around the Hawaiian Honeycreeper a species of bird that is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and are in danger of becoming extinct. Sadly, these indigenous birds lost half of their remaining habitat on the slopes of Mauna Kea during the wild fires this year.

Lex and Gertrude's want to do our part to help protect this unique and beautiful bird. Come by and buy a piece of art and enjoy our cocktail of the month, The Honeycreeper! We will be donating part of the proceeds of each drink sold and each painting sold to protecting the habitat of the endangered Honeycreepers!!

Visit Lex Petroff's Website

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