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January 2022 Featured Artist

Artist Max Troberg is our Featured Artist for January 2022.

Honolulu-based mixed media graphic artist, Max Troberg, is best known for his abstract works on locally-inspired canvases such as skimboards and skateboards.

His work, influenced by graffiti, pop, and comic illustration, explores how creativity and craft can encourage mindfulness, inspire inner reflection, and bring joy. Using acrylic paint and spray paint provides the fluidity that drives his expression, “it’s abstract in that it may not have a direct theme; but my goal is to tie many segments together and create a balance between color and contrast.” Max grew up in Kona, Hawaii, where he entered local graffiti competitions and collaborated on murals while attending Kealakehe high school. After moving to O’ahu and exploring a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, he decided to jump into his artistic passion full-time in 2021. In his next adventure, Max will be seeking boundless inspiration in a multi-state road trip in 2022.

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