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Nov & Dec 2021 Featured Artist

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Artist Robyn Chance is our Featured Artist for November & December 2021.

Robyn Chance has always had a colorful, comedic personality, and is naturally gifted in the areas of dancing, singing, drawing, painting, writing, creative direction, life-coaching, modeling and nesting. She’s been called a “Priestess of the HeArts”, as she is so adept in soulful Creation.

She is a racial & cultural blend of European (English, French, Scottish, Irish), Native American (Cherokee & Choctaw), German and Hebrew. You’ll notice these particular backgrounds were all once at war with each other, and synchronistically are completely harmonized in her Being.

She’s part of the second wave of Indigo children born in Houston, Texas, into the powerful, close-knit Chance family. Soon after her birth came her brother Adam, her parents soon parted ways and the Chance family grew & moved from the industry of Big Oil into Commercial Cattle Ranching, where she experienced both ranch and city life while shining her colorful rebellious light in Texas. As a child she was writing and illustrating books on construction paper and orchestrating performances with her dolls.

By young adulthood she developed a rapid career in modeling, creative direction, lead music video roles and a National Latin Dance tour while living in New York, California & Texas. She was deeply inspired by her family’s travels to Hawai’i, where she now resides in community.

In 2006, a profound Near-Death Experience came to remind her of her innate worthiness & mystical existence of Love. Now living atop the Volcano Goddess Pele for 9 years, she in~joys life in self-care, rainbows of color & commitment to authentic living, exemplifying herself as a sacred vessel of the Creative Feminine Fire. She is an inspirational guide for how a broken-open muse can burn & rise from the ashes as the attentive artist/creator whom paints as the witness of her own journey. Robyn inspires others to create their own life from an open heart.

“My perspective is of both, the artist and the muse. Art, dance, song and laughter alchemize my heart and body; like a map and tool for harmonizing all of the ups and downs in my emotional world. It takes me deeper into my hearts truth, guiding me to reveal the scary-turned-sensational conversation between my wild and my grace. I gently introduce one aspect of me into another, to make love, like two colors blending on the canvas, a duality within me dances and unifies as the painting emerges. When my heart beats an idea into vision, a tingling feeling will send a chill through my spine, through my hand and brush onto the canvas... I astonish myself to tears sometimes, in awe and gratitude for these therapeutic insights coming through me. How could I have ever doubted that I am special and worthy of love and safety? *tears* I’m still a small child remembering that it’s okay to feel and Be myself, that I’m special and powerful as I Am. We ALL Are. I trust my heartwork serves as a reminder of that for anyone else whose worth is ever in question. Let us all create and unify from this inclusive kind of Love.” ~Robyn

Visit Robyn Chance's Website

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