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Paint N Sip at Gertrude's

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Gertrude's is a strong advocate and supporter of the arts. We host monthly Paint N Sip Classes where aspiring artists work with a professional local artists to learn painting techniques and create a finished painting.

The class fee is $55 and includes all of the supplies you need to create your work of art. You can bring in a photo or image to work from for inspiration.

It wouldn't be paint n sip without a refreshing beverage! Class also includes two glasses of wine or beer for adults / juice or soda for teens.


Our Next Class

TBA - Date - Time - $55

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Artist / Instructor Bio's

Stephanie "Star" Bolton

Star Bolton is a third generation artist who was raised on the Big Island. She studied in Orvieto, Italy and has her BA in Fine Art. She has been painting professionally, teaching children and adults for over twenty years and believes everyone can enjoy the many benefits of painting.

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Kira Kamamalu

Kira Kamamalu is a spirited Hawaiian whose paintings possess a life of their own, becoming inspired companions to the spaces they inhabit. She focuses primarily on figures, drawn to human mutability and varied emotional expression. “With a person, there is so much to say,” Kira says of her work, and without a doubt, her subjects speak silent volumes on immobile walls.

As a daughter of Hawaii, her paintings are infused with the spirit of the islands. Having a deep connection to Hawaiian culture imbues Kira’s art with a powerful energy. Working in a truly unique style, Kira works mostly with a palette knife to produce her figures. It is the “loose, painterly strokes” of the palette knife that gives her pieces the movement, depth and emotion we connect with in people.

After college studies, Kira studied under the mentorship of Big Island artist Vicki Penney-Rohner and a few years later, spent a year abroad in Europe studying the masters and working on her skill. While abroad, Kira’s works were accepted into the Gallery D’Assadi in Nyon, Switzerland.

Upon returning from her studies abroad, Kira brought her new art education home to adapt it to the subject that fuelled her creative force- her culture. Studying under the mentorship of Edwin Kayton, Kira has had the wise knowledge base in Mr. Kayton to help her convey the stories she wants to tell. She credits her young success to the expert guidance of her mentors and the support of her family. It is the perfect tincture of passion, perseverance and advisement that has delivered to us the dynamic work of this delightful artist.

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